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Example Liturgy for Sunday Morning Worship
* Hymn: YB 26 “Open The Eyes of My Heart”
* God’s Greeting
   The pastor usually gives a greeting similar to 2 Tim. 1.2b
* Hymn: PsH 373 “Beautiful Savior” (v.1-3)
* Hymn: GB 8 “O Come, Let Us Adore Him” (v.1, 2 & v.3 a cappella)
   The number of hymns is optional.

  Confession & Assurance: Matthew 5.3-11
   This should include a reference to our sin and to Jesus as savior.
  Prayer of Confession
   The Pastor usually leads a silent prayer and the congregation prays The Lord’s Prayer.

* Song of Restoration: PsH 354 “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross” (v.1-3)
  Offering (Prayer offered by the Deacons)
  Offertory Music
   This may be special music from the congregation, but usually the organist plays.
  Congregational Prayer (Pastor or Elder)

  Children’s Song: “Jesus Loves Me”
   Many songs work here, but “Jesus Loves Me” is pretty traditional & expected.

  Children’s Message
   Usually a 5 minute message with the children up front.
  Scripture Reading: Philippians 2.25-30
   We encourage church members to read scripture during services.
  Prayer to Recieve the Word
   Delivered by the Pastor or person preaching.
  Message: Humility: The Example of Epaphroditus
   Our service usually lasts an hour, so a 20 minute message is recommended.
* Song of Response: GB 51 “Teach Me Your Way, O Lord” (v.1-3)

* Parting Blessing
   The pastor usually gives a blessing similar to 2 Corinthians 13.14.

* Doxology: GB 22 “He is Lord”
* Congregation stands, if able.
The Blue Psalter Hymnal (PsH); Songs for Worship (YB); Songs for Worship II (GB)

Example Liturgy for Sunday Evening Worship
* Hymn: GB 12 “Lift High the Cross” (v.1-3)
* God’s Greeting
  Hymn Sing
   On the 2nd and 4th Sundays, a congregation member leads songs of their choosing.
   On all other Sundays the person preaching is responsible for choosing 2 more songs.
* The Apostles’ Creed

  Pastoral Prayer
   The Pastor usually takes prayer and praise requests from the congregation.

* Song of Preparation: PsH 446 “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” (v.1-3)
  Evening Reading: John 3.31-36 & Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 31
  Message: The Keys of the Kingdom
* Song of Response: GB 46 “Lead Me, Guide Me”

* Parting Blessing
* Doxology: PsH 493 “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”