• Pastor

    Pastor Wendell Davelaar accepted the call to lead Hollandale CRC in 2015. He can be reached at the parsonage number 507-889-2054 or by email at Wdavelaar8@gmail.com

  • Council Elders

    Our congregation is led by two groups of people.  The first is called Elders, and they are charged with looking after the preaching, teaching and spiritual nurture of our congregation.  Currently serving as Elders are:

    Council President: Duane Vanderploeg

    Council Clerk: Bert Rietsema

    Membership Clerk: Pete Veldman

    Vice President: Pete Louters

  • Council Deacons

    The second group of congregational servants are called Deacons. They are charged with looking after the physical well-being of our members. Currently serving as Deacons are:

    Deacon Chair/Tuition Assistance: Andy Drenth

    Benevolence Fund: Carey Slegh

    Special Offerings: Conley Vanderploeg

    Building Fund: Shawn McCarthy