The Worship Committee asked the congregation to respond to the following question "Why do we worship?"  The following are the responses of our members as to why we worship at Hollandale Christian Reformed Church. 

Worship is my response to God for his indescribable gifts.  

I worship because I want to remember the Gospel in word, prayer, song and fellowship with other believers.   

I worship as an appreciation of God and His holiness. I worship to declare God’s worth and to build up the body of Christ.   I believe all of life should be worship, not just on Sunday.  Everything belongs to God and he is worthy of every-day worship.   God calls us to worship him at the Hollandale Christian Reformed Church.  God asks us to come on Sunday mornings and evenings to sing his praise, give him thanksgiving offerings, confess our sins, receive his assurances, listen to God’s Word spoken to us and receive his blessings.  It is a family reunion every worship service as we worship with our adopted brothers and sisters in Christ.   

We worship because we love Him.  

We worship because God created us and we worship as an expression of our gratitude and thanksgiving.   

We worship to give thanks and remember Jesus and what he has done.   We worship because I believe in Jesus and to get know Jesus better.  

I worship because God is worthy of our praise and out very lives.   

I worship because I want to give back to God in response to all he done for us.   

We worship to praise God.   

I come to church at times because I have to and other times because I want to.  Either time it is to acknowledge God!  To worship Him, to focus on Him and do it corporately!  I desire to experience worship that together every word, whether in song, word and prayer is focused on worship and then what God says to us/me.  Being built up by the worship experience, we as a church are focused and able to go out for the week ahead.   

We worship to thank the Lord for His many blessings to us.    

We worship to praise our Lord.   

We worship because of what “He is”, Because of what “He had done”, and because of what “He is doing today.”   

Jesus is the only foundation for a meaningful life.  We need the Word and music every day and on the Lord’s day. The fellowship of other believers is the sunshine in this fallen world.  I am thankful for the church that our forefathers started.  May we respond in brotherly love and be faithful to that end.  God bless all churches that preach the holy word of Jesus Christ.  The truth will set us free.  God is my rock and salvation.   

Worship is a time we can draw together with other believers and worship in sprit and truth.  According to John 4:23-24, God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.  It is a necessity, obligation, and not an option on the way God calls us to worship, it must be in spirit and truth.   It is a time we draw together singing, praying, and studying His word so that we can become more like Him.  We commune with other fellow believers in Christ so that God’s work and kingdom can be built up through all of us.   

When we worship together we should be developing traits of forgiveness, tenderness, kindness and love that prepare us for eternal life with Christ.   

We worship to hear the true word of God, to sing praise and to fellowship.